Expand your knowledge of Civil War battlefields with Stocktrek’s curated collection of illustrations, lithographs, and photos from the Civil War.

The Civil War included over 50 major battles and many more engagements that had major significance.  The Battle of Bull Run, Battle of Gettysburg and Battle of Chancellorsville are a few notable events of importance.

Stocktrek’s library features images from these battles, along with hundreds more of civil war leaders, infantry units and the devastation that occurred.

The Civil War is one of the most influential chapters in American history, from the early division between the North and the South to the surrender of Confederate troops.

Historians and enthusiasts will find these vintage civil war images useful in providing a visual account of historic articles and readings.  Buy prints of your favorite civil war battle scene or portraits of famous leaders to decorate the walls of your home, office or educational institution.s\

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