Art is Everywhere!

Art is everywhere. That was the thought of two young entrepreneurs who saw the need of a platform to offer affordable art on the one hand and to give artists a place to sell their creations on the other hand. The creative and innovative idea led to the online shop Posterlounge. With a fine sense for high quality art, photography, trends and design the Posterlounge now presents more than 300,000 motifs in a German and British online shop and ships them all over the world directly to your home.


Stocktrek Images at Posterlounge

The exceptional quality and wide range of Posterlounge wouldn’t be possible without successful collaborations of renowned stock photo agencies such as Stocktrek Images. From astronomy and space exploration to dinosaurs and the prehistoric era over underwater photography – Stocktrek Images covers different thrilling themes in extraordinary photographs and illustrations.

There are various options for creating individual wall design and adding a personal touch. Along with furniture and certain living accessories, wall art should never be disregarded. You can make a home out of modest living space. Whether it be modern art as framed art print, classic masterpieces on canvas or brilliant photography on aluminium Dibond – our selection of Stocktrek Images leaves nothing to be desired.

Illustrations of Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Era

Stocktrek’s digital fine art will transport their viewers back in time. The era before the begin of mankind is full of mystery and uncertainty and give walls a special atmosphere. Immerse yourself in a world once upon a time and discover more than extinct animals and plants.


Photographs of Astronomy & Space Exploration

The world beyond our blue planet is full of beauty and there is nobody who is not fascinated by the infinite expanse of the universe. A photograph brings the distant world a little closer and gives the possibility to discover all the details in high-definition art work.