Stocktrek Introduces Extended License Option for Royalty-Free Images

Stocktrek gives buyers a new extended licensing option that will grant further flexibility on image usage and distribution of royalty-free images.

The Extended RF License is simply an extension to the standard royalty-free license. It gives buyers rights to distribute the licensed image onto promotional materials or any item of merchandise intended for resale or distribution, such as retail packaging, clothing, phone cases, posters, mouse pads, and similar print-on-demand products.

Laptop Skin Cover

Laptop Skin Cover

With the increasing popularity of print-on-demand products, this option will give buyers the freedom to put an image on products intended for resale and promotional marketing items, said Ryan Rossotto, President of Stocktrek Images.

The Extended RF License can be found on the image licensing options page for all royalty-free photos. To read more about Stocktrek’s various licensing terms and options, visit

To browse Stocktrek’s most popular royalty-free images, visit


Stocktrek Motion – Royalty Free Video Clips

Stocktrek Motion has arrived! We are very excited to announce the launch of our royalty-free stock video collection. The expanded collection will focus on biomedical animations, vintage and modern day war footage, space missions, and scientific visualizations providing insight to our universe and beyond.

All stock videos will be licensed for a one-time fee under our royalty-free licensing model. Clips will be offered in one of four sizes: Standard Definition, High Definition, 2K, and 4K resolution.

Some additional website features include:

  • Clickless preview technology allowing users to instantly preview footage by scrolling their mouse over an image.
  • New advanced search features.
  • Ability to instantly license and download footage clips online.

“There is a growing demand for HD specialty footage, and we’re continuously growing the library, adding hundreds of unique video clips every month,” said Ryan Rossotto, President of Stocktrek Images. “With the advancement of technology and social media, the global appetite for companies to stand out amongst their competitors has led to marketers looking for cutting-edge and innovative multimedia sources to gain that edge”

Stocktrek has a team of expert animators, so if you need a custom animation created, we will design a motion clip tailored just for you.

View our new video offering at

Visit Stocktrek Images in London for Fotofringe 2015

Fotofringe 2015Stocktrek is pleased to announce we will be exhibiting at Fotofringe 2015 in London this April! We would like to invite all of our clients, graphic designers, publishers, art buyers and creatives from around the globe to attend Fotofringe. Fotofringe is an excellent networking event to meet stock photo agencies from all parts of the world.  Alongside Stocktrek, you will find everything from niche speciality libraries to the top agencies in the industry.  Whether you are re-visiting contacts or establishing new relationships, we would love to see both new and familiar faces, so take a moment to sit with us at our table to see our offering and how we can work together.

Fotofringe will be held April 23, 2015 at Kings Place in London. Entry is free to all picture buyers. For more information and to register for the event, visit

It’s only 1 month away, so register now and hope to see you all there!

Project Quickfind by Michael Wood

Sea Lion TrainerWritten by U.S. Navy Seal veteran Michael P. Wood, Project Quick Find tells the story about U.S. Navy SEALs training sea lions to recover objects from the ocean floor. It takes place from the inception of the Quick Find Project in Hawaii, to the recruiting of Navy SEALs working as sea lion trainers in Coronado, California, as well as the official Navy certification of the Quick Find system. The story continues through the sea lion captures at San Nicholas Island, CA and the Project Quick Find ultimate mission change and expansion of the program while all along illustrating the bond between the sea lions and their SEAL trainers.

This video clip from 1977 shows sea lions learning how to locate and mark inert mine shapes:

To purchase a copy of the book, visit:

Learn more about Michael Wood’s experience as a Navy SEAL, along with photos, videos and writings on his website:

Stocktrek Motion Coming in 2015

In a response to an increased demand for online video clips from our customers, Stocktrek Motion will be launching in 2015.

Our motion collection will encompass the best high-definition scientific footage covering healthcare, outer space, environment, science and technology. Amazing motion clips giving insight into the universe, interactive visualizations and groundbreaking discoveries that will engage viewers, animations of basic human anatomy and how the body works, military forces conducting land, air and sea exercise, and much more.

Stocktrek Motion will allow online downloads and licensing of footage. The ease of accessibility for our speciality content will make Stocktrek a go-to provider for researchers, educators, marketers and all those in the profession of of presenting distinctive video content.

Stocktrek Images provides creative professionals with inspiring specialty imagery, unrivaled in quality, accuracy and depth of information.

Interesting Facts about the Most Destructive Natural Weather Occurrences – Hurricanes

weather photographyHurricanes are giant, spiral tropical storms that occur in the Eastern Pacific Ocean, Caribbean Sea, Southern Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. These destructive natural weather occurrences can pack wind speeds of over 160 miles an hour and unleash more than 2.4 trillion gallons of rain a day. Hurricanes are also known as cyclones in the Northern Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal, and as typhoons in the Western Pacific Ocean. They begin as tropical disturbances in warm ocean waters with surface temperatures of at least 80 degrees Fahrenheit.
Hurricanes are huge heating systems that emit energy on a staggering scale. They draw heat from warm, moist ocean air, and release it through condensation of water vapor in thunderstorms. These natural weather occurrences spin around a low-pressure center known as the eye of the storm. The eye is surrounded by a circular “eye wall” that hosts the storm’s strongest winds and rains.  When a hurricane makes landfall it often produces a devastating storm surge that can reach 20 feet high and extend nearly 100 miles.

Facts on Hurricanes

  • A tropical storm is a hurricane which travels about 74 miles per hour or .
  • A huge hurricane can release energy equivalent to 10 atomic bombs per second.
  • Hurricanes also produce mild tornadoes, which can last up to a few minutes.
  • Hurricanes mostly occur from June to November when seas are the warmest, forming  conducive weather for the hurricanes to build up.
  • Hurricanes are large enough to carry winds that travel about 160 miles per hour.

Stocktrek is a central source for satellite images, weather photography, and astronomical images of the universe. Our talented team helps you in finding the best image for your particular need. Visit us at for more information.

What happens when thousands of galaxies collide?

Collision of GalaxiesGalaxies are composed of dust particles, dark matter, and stars, all held together by gravitational force. If you gaze out into the sky with the help of a professional telescope, you can see thousands of stars in a variety of shapes and sizes. Many galaxies are bunched together in groups or clusters. Since clusters contain so many galaxies relatively close together, it should not be surprising that galaxies sometimes collide with each other.

It is very common for galaxies to collide with other galaxies in the universe. In fact, the collision between galaxies are one of the main elements that drive their evolution in time. When two galaxies pass close to one another, the gravitational force they exert on one another cause both galaxies to interact.

When a collision between two galaxies occur, clouds of gas inside each galaxy may become squeezed. The cloud compression can cause galaxies to collapse under their own gravity. This process can lead to a big explosion of star formation in interacting galaxies and leaving a new-generation of stars in a galaxy.

Astronomers watch the Big Turmoil as thousands of galaxies collide

Astronomers using Chandra X-Ray and VLA observatory have revealed new details of violent collision involving at least four clusters of galaxies. Combined with the recent research through NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope, the new details depict a complex region more than five million light-years from the Earth where the interactions are triggering a host of phenomena that astronomers still are working to understand.

Stocktrek Image

Our database features images from across the universe taken by professional photographers. Stocktrek is a central source for astronomical images of the universe and the infinite extent of outer space. Browse our online gallery at


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