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Nostalgic Photos Show the Sentimentality of Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech brought comfort, hope and inspiration to African Americans and others more than fifty years ago, and still resonates today.  It is still relevant today in a nation too often defined by what divides us rather than what unites us together.

In honor of this annual holiday and the influential American civil rights leader, Stocktrek has put together an archived collection of photographs from the black civil rights movement, including the 1963 March on Washington, campaigns for racial equality, and other historic events of desegregation.

These photos have been digitally remastered, repairing any damage and enhancing the image quality to give viewers a first-hand look at these significant events that took place in American history.

These nostalgic photos provide viewers with a sentimental link to the past. View the entire collection at:

Let’s Meet at Visual Connections New York City


Stocktrek will be exhibiting at Visual Connections 2016 in New York City, and we’d love to get a chance to connect with you.  If you are a visual professional, this is the event to attend! Discover new and niche sources of editorial and creative stock with over 70 exhibitors. Connect with suppliers, network with other professionals, and win valuable prizes!

Keynote sessions will be held throughout the day by guest speakers, giving attendees educational knowledge on copyright issues, social media, and other insightful tips. View the complete sessions program.

This is an excellent opportunity to escape from the office for a day and network with fellow professionals for some creative inspiration. Make sure to stop by Table F18 to say hello and take home some cool tech gifts!

Visual Connections will be held Thursday, October 26th at Metropolitan Pavilion, The Suite (2nd floor), 123 West 18th Street, New York, NY 10011. Entry is free to all visual professionals. For more information and to register for the event, visit


Battlefields of The Civil War

Expand your knowledge of Civil War battlefields with Stocktrek’s curated collection of illustrations, lithographs, and photos from the Civil War.

The Battle of Franklin.

The Battle of Franklin.

The Civil War included over 50 major battles and many more engagements that had major significance.  The Battle of Bull Run, Battle of Gettysburg and Battle of Chancellorsville are a few notable events of importance.

Stocktrek’s library features images from these battles, along with hundreds more of civil war leaders, infantry units and the devastation that occurred.

The Civil War is one of the most influential chapters in American history, from the early division between the North and the South to the surrender of Confederate troops.

Historians and enthusiasts will find these vintage civil war images useful in providing a visual account of historic articles and readings.  Buy prints of your favorite civil war battle scene or portraits of famous leaders to decorate the walls of your home, office or educational institution.s\

Take a moment to browse Stocktrek’s civil war photos at

Fascinating Photography for Interior Design at

Art is Everywhere!

Art is everywhere. That was the thought of two young entrepreneurs who saw the need of a platform to offer affordable art on the one hand and to give artists a place to sell their creations on the other hand. The creative and innovative idea led to the online shop Posterlounge. With a fine sense for high quality art, photography, trends and design the Posterlounge now presents more than 300,000 motifs in a German and British online shop and ships them all over the world directly to your home.


Stocktrek Images at Posterlounge

The exceptional quality and wide range of Posterlounge wouldn’t be possible without successful collaborations of renowned stock photo agencies such as Stocktrek Images. From astronomy and space exploration to dinosaurs and the prehistoric era over underwater photography – Stocktrek Images covers different thrilling themes in extraordinary photographs and illustrations.

There are various options for creating individual wall design and adding a personal touch. Along with furniture and certain living accessories, wall art should never be disregarded. You can make a home out of modest living space. Whether it be modern art as framed art print, classic masterpieces on canvas or brilliant photography on aluminium Dibond – our selection of Stocktrek Images leaves nothing to be desired.

Illustrations of Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Era

Stocktrek’s digital fine art will transport their viewers back in time. The era before the begin of mankind is full of mystery and uncertainty and give walls a special atmosphere. Immerse yourself in a world once upon a time and discover more than extinct animals and plants.


Photographs of Astronomy & Space Exploration

The world beyond our blue planet is full of beauty and there is nobody who is not fascinated by the infinite expanse of the universe. A photograph brings the distant world a little closer and gives the possibility to discover all the details in high-definition art work.





Stocktrek Introduces Extended License Option for Royalty-Free Images

Stocktrek gives buyers a new extended licensing option that will grant further flexibility on image usage and distribution of royalty-free images.

The Extended RF License is simply an extension to the standard royalty-free license. It gives buyers rights to distribute the licensed image onto promotional materials or any item of merchandise intended for resale or distribution, such as retail packaging, clothing, phone cases, posters, mouse pads, and similar print-on-demand products.

Laptop Skin Cover

Laptop Skin Cover

With the increasing popularity of print-on-demand products, this option will give buyers the freedom to put an image on products intended for resale and promotional marketing items, said Ryan Rossotto, President of Stocktrek Images.

The Extended RF License can be found on the image licensing options page for all royalty-free photos. To read more about Stocktrek’s various licensing terms and options, visit

To browse Stocktrek’s most popular royalty-free images, visit


Stocktrek Motion – Royalty Free Video Clips

Stocktrek Motion has arrived! We are very excited to announce the launch of our royalty-free stock video collection. The expanded collection will focus on biomedical animations, vintage and modern day war footage, space missions, and scientific visualizations providing insight to our universe and beyond.

All stock videos will be licensed for a one-time fee under our royalty-free licensing model. Clips will be offered in one of four sizes: Standard Definition, High Definition, 2K, and 4K resolution.

Some additional website features include:

  • Clickless preview technology allowing users to instantly preview footage by scrolling their mouse over an image.
  • New advanced search features.
  • Ability to instantly license and download footage clips online.

“There is a growing demand for HD specialty footage, and we’re continuously growing the library, adding hundreds of unique video clips every month,” said Ryan Rossotto, President of Stocktrek Images. “With the advancement of technology and social media, the global appetite for companies to stand out amongst their competitors has led to marketers looking for cutting-edge and innovative multimedia sources to gain that edge”

Stocktrek has a team of expert animators, so if you need a custom animation created, we will design a motion clip tailored just for you.

View our new video offering at

Visit Stocktrek Images in London for Fotofringe 2015

Fotofringe 2015Stocktrek is pleased to announce we will be exhibiting at Fotofringe 2015 in London this April! We would like to invite all of our clients, graphic designers, publishers, art buyers and creatives from around the globe to attend Fotofringe. Fotofringe is an excellent networking event to meet stock photo agencies from all parts of the world.  Alongside Stocktrek, you will find everything from niche speciality libraries to the top agencies in the industry.  Whether you are re-visiting contacts or establishing new relationships, we would love to see both new and familiar faces, so take a moment to sit with us at our table to see our offering and how we can work together.

Fotofringe will be held April 23, 2015 at Kings Place in London. Entry is free to all picture buyers. For more information and to register for the event, visit

It’s only 1 month away, so register now and hope to see you all there!

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