Stocktrek Motion has arrived! We are very excited to announce the launch of our royalty-free stock video collection. The expanded collection will focus on biomedical animations, vintage and modern day war footage, space missions, and scientific visualizations providing insight to our universe and beyond.

All stock videos will be licensed for a one-time fee under our royalty-free licensing model. Clips will be offered in one of four sizes: Standard Definition, High Definition, 2K, and 4K resolution.

Some additional website features include:

  • Clickless preview technology allowing users to instantly preview footage by scrolling their mouse over an image.
  • New advanced search features.
  • Ability to instantly license and download footage clips online.

“There is a growing demand for HD specialty footage, and we’re continuously growing the library, adding hundreds of unique video clips every month,” said Ryan Rossotto, President of Stocktrek Images. “With the advancement of technology and social media, the global appetite for companies to stand out amongst their competitors has led to marketers looking for cutting-edge and innovative multimedia sources to gain that edge”

Stocktrek has a team of expert animators, so if you need a custom animation created, we will design a motion clip tailored just for you.

View our new video offering at