Our four-legged friends are not often mentioned when people talk about the U.S. military, but they play an active role in the Armed Forces.  Stocktrek’s collection of military working dogs include a wide variety of military dogs, their work in the field, and interaction with their handlers, showcasing their essential role in the Armed Forces.  Military working dogs are the unsung heroes of the military, having been used by the armed forces since World War I.  Military dogs are comprised primarily of German Shepherds, Dutch Shepherds, and Belgian Malinois.

Military Working Dog
U.S. Marine holds security in a field with his IED detection dog during a security patrol in Afghanistan.

Members of the U.S. Armed Forces view military working dogs as soldiers. The dogs and soldiers on the ground are working partners. There is nothing a dog handler will not do to protect their dogs. They have a very special bond with each other, they travel together, sleep together, and even live together.

Daily military dog duties may include trips to entry control points, basic patrols, maneuver and mobility support operations, search and rescue, main supply route security and mandatory training. These essential dogs even help in the disposal of improvised explosive devices. Military working dogs strengthen the operational abilities that their human companions must carry out in the field. The dog’s keen senses of smell and hearing make them far more effective at detecting these dangers than humans. They are capable of working in any type of combat environment.

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