Underwater Photography is an outstanding way to see the colorful world of underwater animals, plants and creatures. How would you like the chance to see a lionfish, feather star, enormous blue sea fan, or killer sharks in their natural habitats? Stocktrek has an online underwater photography collection capturing the wonders and natural beauty of the undersea.

Close-up view of a lionfish. Gorontalo, Indonesia.
© Steve Jones/Stocktrek Images

Underwater Photography needs specialized techniques to get the best results because the medium that light travels through is water and not air. One of the major challenges that the photographers face is the loss of color and contrast when reached at a certain depth. This is so because the longer wavelengths of Sunlight are quickly absorbed by the surrounding water and make everything appear blue and green in color.  Another major challenge for underwater photography is that the mammals and fish are in constant motion and therefore difficult to compose the images. Nonetheless, our professional photographers from around the world have captured the remarkable beauty of underwater creatures and sea life pictures with the use of wide-angle lenses, macro lenses and flash techniques.

Our underwater photography collection includes a wide array of sea creatures such as whales, dolphins, sharks, reef species and sea turtles. Stocktrek enables customers the option to license images for commercial and editorial use, or the capability to purchase any image as a print or poster to adore your home or office walls or school projects.

Browse more underwater marine life photos from Stocktrek here:  http://bit.ly/18z86TY