Stocktrek has put together a collection of dynamic images showcasing the Northern Lights, a natural phenomenon otherwise known as the Aurora Borealis. These photos are stunning representations of the multi-colored sky show produced by electrically charged particles derived from the sun, most commonly known as the Northern Lights. The Northern Lights are especially popular due to the sheer beauty presented by this natural display of lights. The dazzling lights dance in the night sky in shades of green, reds, blues and even violet.

Northern Lights Stock Photo
Aurora Borealis over Sandvannet Lake in Troms County, Norway.

The lights take many forms and occur naturally near the magnetic poles. Often, people living in the northern areas of the Northern Hemisphere are treated to periodic displays. The Northern Lights are produced by electrically charged particles discharged from the sun that enter the Earth’s atmosphere and light up the sky.

Alternatively, in the Southern Hemisphere, the Aurora Australis (Southern Lights) is often just as spectacular as the Northern lights. Stocktrek Images will also be offering photos of the Aurora Australis for a different perspective on the lights.

Professional and amateur photographers from around the world have captured the remarkable beauty of these light displays in superb high resolution photographs that are award winning. Stocktrek offers photos of Northern Lights available for direct image licensing as well as high quality aurora borealis posters and canvas prints for your home or office.

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